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- Since 2009

Established from an expert group since 2009, LeadsGen Ltd,. was founded in 2013. Our mission is to help our clients reaching the best of ecommerce and online marketing by providing Leads solution. We are focusing on SEA and emerging market with dedicated team in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the next would be Thailand.

We know our client's need is leads generating and conversion, thus our team are working hard for highly converted campaigns, collecting leads and help their businesses run smoothly.

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How we do?


We control our technology with strong team and experience

Since our product and solutions are working based on advanced technology platform, we always stay ahead of new technology. Our system is usually checked and updated


We keep in touch with you very closely

We work closely with you to timely update any changes made with your business. All the changes you made with your business will be reflected in our solution. Everything then will up to date always.


We track the result on the stages

We track all activities and result of the campaign correspond with each stage of your "shopping cart" process. We know exactly what's the problem, where does it come from and handle it completely.


We connect with adnetworks, publishers and control traffic quality

Our traffic is variety and fit with almost verticals, including yours


Optimize campaign based on real performance

All campaigns will often be optimized daily by our experienced operation team. This quick process assure we does not let any issue go without controlling it.

Why choose us?


Innovative technology.

We stay ahead of new technology, allowing our platform compatible with all types of adnetworks and tracking platform


Widely network

Our network is widely in terms of location and audience specification. We have traffic from Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Wherever you want in SEA, we stay here to help.


Variety in audiences set

Our regular audiences comes from mobile, desktop website, mobile application... with a wide range of age and income, allowing you to select and target to the right people.


Transparency and precisely

Our platform works automatically, allowing you to changes bid, setting and watching your campaign performance any time. We show you all the campaign data we collected, helping your campaign stick with your plan very closely.

What kind of data can we show up?

Our team go to the deepest level of website performance analysis. We show you all the action metrics on the website that important to you. You will then know everything about your website, and how your business going on this. There are just some of the statistics we can show you:


Traffic sources

  • Where visitors comes from

Audience analysis

  • Gender, Ages, Interest...
  • Geographic
  • Audience engagement (New vs returning, time on site...)


  • What visitor are doing on your website

Ecommerce analysis

  • How many transactions has been made
  • Where the transaction came from
  • Which product is the best sold?
  • Analyze the best place to sell each product
  • How much revenue you get from all transaction
  • Which channel is the most effective and bring you the highest revenue
  • Where visitor have been looking for information before they made a purchase
  • Which is the most effective conversion path
  • Your margin and ROI

And more


How we make it?

We use Google Analytics and other analysis software (if needed - Such as Adobe catalyst) to investigate your website. Below are our working process:


You can collect the data by yourself as our team does. But why us?

  • Our expertise and experience assuring the data is precise.
  • Our experience with our large customer database make us strong in
  • Implementation process. Whatever your website model, we can make it done.
  • Statistic is important, but analysis is a lots more: Each number has its own meaning.
  • We compile the report with full of numbers to a friendly and easy reading report.
  • You will completely understand what the numbers are telling you.

How you get benefit from it?


Understand how visitor behaviour leads to sales and conversions

Your site is dynamic, and your conversion goals should be too. With Our solution you can track sales, downloads, video plays, conversions, site engagement or define your own metrics. You can also tailor your reporting based on what you want to achieve and identify what visitor actions are most likely to help you meet your business objectives.


Improve your online sales with E-commerce Reporting

Identify your best-selling products and most valuable promotions. For complex transactions or simple one-click purchases, E-commerce Reporting helps you understand why customers purchase and the types of purchases that they make. You can trace transactions to campaigns and keywords, understand shoppers' on-site behaviour and adjust your shopping basket to increase sales and win customer loyalty.


See the complete picture of campaign performance with Multi-Channel Funnels

Don't limit your campaign measurement to the last click before a sale. With Multi-Channel Funnels, you'll see the impact of all your digital marketing activities, including search, display, social, affiliates, email and more. Learn which channels introduce visitors to your products and which win sales, so that you can better balance your marketing programmes.


Follow the different paths that visitors take on your site

See why visitors love your site... or why they don't. Using Google Analytics Flow Visualisation and Goal Funnels, you can follow your visitors' conversion paths and see where they enter, where they get stuck and where they leave. Discover strengths and weaknesses in your site navigation, and learn which areas of your website and your marketing programme need adjustment.


Make better marketing decisions with Attribution Modelling

With Attribution Modelling, you can rapidly build and customise marketing attribution models. Give credit to all of the digital marketing interactions that affected sales or conversions. Gauge the impact of different channels, referral sources, campaigns and keywords - so that you can improve your future marketing activities.


What is leads generation
and why it matters?

Leads generation is a series of work, including advertising, optimizing, tracking, reporting until a leads is captured.

In comparison with native online advertising, leads generation is differ mainly in the result. Leads generation help you to reach the last stage of the cycle (conversion) while online advertising help you reach the first step of the cycle (clicks). It means with leads generation, you will be able to minimize the risk of ineffective campaign.


How we collecting leads?

Leads generation is a series of work, including advertising, optimizing, tracking, reporting until a leads is captured.

People visit your landing page then finish a conversion here.
We put your product, services onto our networks
LeadsGen platform captures the conversion and you pay for conversions you get. We go with you through the last step of selling process.
We build our own inventory, connect publishers and other adnetworks to build up multiple audiences network.

How we track leads?

Web-base conversion

Just add our conversion tag onto your converted page and then our system will do the rest. It shows you how many conversion have been made, where it came from and how much revenue you get from it.


Mobile application base conversion

With Mobile Application and games, we can connect with almost mobile tracking tool to get the installation data and show up for you on the reports.